Why should I buy second hand clothing? And why from Vintageby2nd?

Everyone one that will visit this website likes to buy new stuff, especially clothing related items. Buying secondhand clothing is good for so many reasons. Every garment that we sell is unique, has its own story, and you will probably not bump into many people than own the same exact piece. Buying second hand / vintage clothing is way more fun than walking into any fast fashion retailer, it really lets you express yourself by wearing unique clothing items.

Buying secondhand clothing is often also cheaper than buying brand new items, even if items have been worn once or twice. If you are on a budget, buying second hand / vintage is the way to go! Instead of contributing to the environmental impact fast fashion has on the world, buy second hand clothing.

Finding that perfect vintage garment can be quite difficult sometimes. There might be some unexpected holes or stains in a tee or it might smell like smoke. Vintageby2nd makes sure this is not the case. We are here to ease your search for your favorite items and offer them at affordable prices!

Which payment methods can I use?

We accept Ideal, Paypal and Creditcard payments!

How can I contact you?

You can send us a DM on Instagram @Vintageby2nd or send us an email to bram@preownd.nl. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

Which shipment provider do you use and what are the rates?

We use PostNL as our shipment provider. Specifics on shipping rates can be found here!

Can I return my ordered item?

Yes, you have the right to decide to return your ordered item within 14 days after the specific item gets delivered. More on returns can be found here.

Why do you sell clothing with stains / holes?

Clothing with wear marks can make a certain piece unique in our opinion. Fading and distressing can add character to the garm and we see the beauty in this. Buying that perfectly faded vintage tee is what we live for!

How do I know that an item will fit?

We always provide sufficient measurement for any listing. Measure and compare with your favorite fitting items!

Can I repost your website / posts on social media?

Yes!! Seeing that our customers are happy and satisfied are ultimately why we do this. Posting our stuff on your social media gives us a boost in terms of reach and makes us very happy!